The Adventures of Huckleberry Grimm, Vol. III















As expected, the point of no return has arrived. The fourth act is on its way out and all strange mires foreshadowed by yesteryear´s exposition have found merry winds at their backs. This school year, Extremadura has rocked my world. I wanted to be challenged. I got just that. I´m a pretty arrogant, naive, stubborn, judgemental narcissist so let me tell you to weigh no grains of sand and believe that it has been difficult.

Based on these experiments, and the gestation period of Intermission the Third, third person narrator AJ has gone on well deserved vacation. What you got now is pure Huckleberry. This first person narration is new to me, so bare with the learning curve. Yep, just as you´re thinkin´, “if we hit the learning curve at Huckleberry speed, we´re bound to go off the edge.” Too late, my dear friends, too late for such laments.

I have recently been given the green light on this auxiliar program renewal. They say I´ll go to Andalucía for the school year of 2014-2015. Pretty good deal, seems to me. Though, I don´t know how much more these 25 year old bones can take. At the bottom of the barrel is fundamental boredom. It´s no news that my only talent and greatest pitfall is that I consistently push my limits to see who I can be, what I´m comfortable with, how I can expand my definition of my self. It´s a fun but often dangerous game. Some times people get the wrong idea and take me too seriously..can´t you see I´m playing here? Are you bored too? Maybe its just me.

If there´s one thing I learned this year its that, at times, people deserve the respect of hearing your honest criticism, judgement, or biased immaturity once in a while. My parents raised me, perhaps unintentionally, to be a super nice person. Also, to be an idealist. However, since the route of being relentlessly accepting and respectful towards others like some sort of perfect priest or monastic monkey often leads to a gives-but-does-not-receives lifestyle, there comes a point when you should know that the first judgement I have against your fine person, while certainly not the last, is that I will probably be bored out of my mind. I´m sure the feeling is mutual – that is as it were how judgements work sometimes. Don´t worry, I´d probably feel the same way. It´s only natural. Nothing personal. However, the only thing as strong as my fundamental boredom, is my fundamental content. Yep, you know, that stupid happy face Huckleberry dons upon cascades of overwhelmingly beautiful simplicity. Nothing turns me on like a high dosage of humble sincerity, or a walk by the lake, or watching you twist a velvety crisp leaf between your fingers, or hearing the sound of wind catching the roof of your well gardened flat. Not even boredom inspires me to the same extent as conceptless tactile deviations through your hair.

So, “What´s the point of all this, Huck?” is what you probably aren´t asking while fending off the boring sterility of this Volume III´s introduction.

So the low down is, if I don´t get the chance to study Flamenco – more specifically, how to accompany the dance and song – I´m not sure I´d be able to spend another year in Spain.

Or would I?

Seems rather boring-like to just bank on the fact that my probability of finding quality instructors is VERY slim even if I get placed in Andalucía. On the other hand, hoping for such an opportunity is a huge gamble. Ya know, risky fuckin´business.


So, I have a job lined up for the duration of next school year, is what you´re telling me. And its in the south of Spain. Boy, sounds refreshing.

So – just a few questions before I move on.

1. Is it going to be difficult? Yeah? I see.

2. Will it test me against my self, my limits? Right.

3. Do I get to take advantage of perhaps the last opportunity I´ll have to live abroad, even if that means living here, in this country…again? Is that so?

4. My spanish really ain´t that good. Venga, tomemos el “penúltimo” ahora y lo pensemos despues.

Let´s be real Spain, I don´t have any romantic notions of who you are and what I want you to be. I´m not some youngin´hoping to get whisked away and married to a “romantic” Spaniard. In fact, it saddens me to say that I honestly don´t think I´d survive a marraige with any of your fine, fine Spanish women. Sometimes I downright dislike you. But, I sure liked coming back here after my visit to the gloriously gentrified consumerist capitol par excellence, Switzerland.

You don´t seem to have any unrealistic romantic notions of who I am either. Great, let´s keep it that way, and see how things pan out.

A year from now, I´ll be at the end of my time in Andalucía, and then – then – I´ll be homeward bound. Looks like I just booked a whole lot of crazy into my schedule between now and June 2015, a little over 13 moons from now.

I still have no idea where I´ll be placed within Andalucía for the 2014-2015 school year – could be a big city or could be the middle of nowhere and believe me there is much middle of nowhere in Andalucía – but I guess I´ll just have to deal with whatever comes up. Until then, Volume III here will fill you all in on what goes down during my last few weeks in Extremadura, España.


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