Grimmegans Wake: T.A.O. H. Grimm, Book 2 (JAPAN)

Kamakura: Kannon and Benzaiten (January, 2020)

Back from Abandoned (December, 2019)


Year Two – Time for new things:

Morning the Eighth 

Morning, the Seventh: Hiking, Meditation, and Ramen in Japan (May, 2016)

Morning the Sixth (Spring Vacation, April 2016)

Morning, the Fifth (April, 2016)

Morning, the Fourth (March, 2016)

Morning, the Third (2016, first entry)

Interlude (December, 2015)

Morning, the Second (December, 2015)

Morning, the First (December, 2015)


Click here to read the Prelude : Before tonight’s story begins…


Night, the Ninth (October, 2015)

Night, the Eighth (October, 2015)

Night the Seventh (A thousand years ago)

Night, the Sixth (Several thousand years ago)

Night, the Fifth (Crossing the ages)

Night, the Fourth (Recorded with blunt embers on crackly cave walls)

Night, the Third (Pre-History : November, 2014)

Night, the Second (  )

Night, The First ()

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